“Your Smart charge point is one of the most powerful electrical devices in your home.”

See instantly how much your charges have cost. Kønnect tracks and remembers your electric vehicles charging behaviour. The Kønnect app automatically updates so that you don’t have to worry about being left behind. Furthermore, you can remotely lock and unlock your charge point to be sure that your Andersen is kept safe at all times.

Learn more about the origin of our smart charge point here

You can use Alexa to charge your car

Energy Monitor

You don’t want a charge point that can’t tell you how much energy you are using or how much you’ve spent. Andersen Kønnect tells you exactly what you want to know.

Remote Locking

Give family and friends access to use your charge point even when you’re not there. Andersen Kønnect app lets you remotely lock and unlock your charge point.

Charge Time Monitor

Choose the start time of your charge. Andersen Kønnect makes it easy to work with your energy plan. Be more energy efficient and save money at the same time.

Your charging data stays safely in the cloud.

We encrypt our connections and user data storage to protect your information