EV Charger Installation Guidelines

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We offer bespoke installation in the UK for every Andersen EV Charger we sell.
Our Standard Installation costs £400. We also run our Andersen Local Installer network, using accredited engineers specifically trained to install your Andersen charge point.

Where do I start?

The first thing to do is to check your supply fuse amperage.
It is preferable to have a 100A main fuse. This is required to allow the load of the charge point.
If you have a 60A main fuse it is advisable to upgrade your supply to 100A. Upgrades are carried out by your electricity power network.
You can find your main fuse linked to your electricity supply meter. There should be a label on the side of the fuse showing the Amp rating.

If not please call your electricity provider to clarify your fuse rating.

Example of a 100A main fuse
Example of a 60A main fuse

If you have 60amps, we can install an Andersen EV charger, but will to reduce it’s power so it doesn’t overload the incoming supply.
The reduction of the power is subject to the current loading on your property. We can only determine this on the day of installation.

How do I know if I’ve got standard installation?

Most installations are standard, but there are a few occasions where additional work is necessary.
Find out if you come under Standard Installation in the table below.

Standard Installation Non-Standard Installation
Installing an A2 on a brick or plaster wall, or to another suitable permanent structure Installing an A2 on a brick or plaster wall, or to another suitable permanent structure
Drill through two walls Drill through more than two walls
10m cable run from your fuse box to your A2 More than a 10m cable run from your fuse box to your A2
Up to 10m of plastic trunking to conceal interior wiring More than 10m of plastic trunking to conceal interior wiring
Installation below 1.8m Installation above 1.8m will require high-level access equipment. Due to working height regulations, this is a 2 person job
Clear cable route Moving of furniture or equipment that maybe in the way of the cable route
No civil work required Civil work required
(eg. trenching)
Spare ways in your fuse box No spare ways in your fuse box. This will require a new dedicated distribution board
7kW Andersen A2 installed 22kW Andersen A2 installed
Fitting and testing of electrical connections and protective devices Fitting and testing of electrical connections and protective devices
3-4 hours on site More than 4 hours on site
Cost £400 Cost - is dependent on complexity of additional work required. To be quoted on

If you do not qualify for standard installation and would like a quote before you order.
Please contact our installation team directly at contact@andersen-ev.com

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“V Mustafa - e-Golf”

What are the next steps?

Place your order on our website

Visit our online design studio to select and customise your charge point. Once you’re happy, select ‘installation’ and place your order.

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Surveying your installation

Once we receive your order, we’ll email you for specific photos and information about your installation requirements.

Our installation team will contact you to confirm whether you fall under standard installation or non-standard installation.

Once this is confirmed, we will set your installation date.


You may be eligible for grants which provide a discount on your Andersen EV charger.

If you are claiming for a government grant we will send you a link to fill in the application form that needs to be completed prior to installation.

For more information, visit our support page.


Your engineer can help you decide the best place to install your charge point. Once your charging point installation is complete, you will be given a full demonstration on how to use your charge point.

Every Andersen charging point comes with our free app, Kønnect. You can monitor charge time and stay in control with costs, plus lots of other innovative features.