We’re Crowdfunding on Crowdcube!

We're excited to announce that our crowdfunding campaign is now live! We're raising funds to accelerate our growth to dominate in the booming ev home charger market. Register on Crowdcube now to fully view our pitch and grab your chance to become an Andersen shareholder!
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Stephen Heaps joins us as Finance Director.

Today we’re welcoming Stephen Heaps to the senior team. He spent 20 years as an investment analyst at finance firms such as Schroeders, Merrill Lynch and UBS before swapping the world of big banks for small companies. He will be a great addition, helping us accelerate our growth and meet our long term goals.  Welcome...
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A2 testing at Applus+ IDIADA

It’s been nearly a year since the tech team started development of the Kønnect 2.0 platform. And the last few months at Andersen have been crazy busy. We’ve just completed a 2 day intensive compatibility test program with a major global car manufacturer at Applus+ IDIADA. A2 gets tested at IDIADA IDIADA is an amazingly...
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Common Questions about the Government Grants

There are multiple Government Grants out there for electric vehicle charge points but along with it comes a number of questions. When it comes to application forms we all want to push it aside and leave it for the last possible moment to complete but we are here to help. So here are a few...
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Fully Charged Live

What a Fully Charged Weekend it was! Despite the bad weather this weekend at Fully Charged Live was a jam-packed show. It is great to see how much the industry is growing an are so excited to be a part of such a great industry. From trying out electric scooters to seeing some pretty awesome...
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Andersen Installer Training

Yesterday we hosted our first Andersen installer training day here at our London HQ. Firstly thank you to all the engineers that attended the training especially those that traveled a long distance. It was a great opportunity to get to know you all, show off the NEW Andersen A2 and the stunning Andersen P1. We...
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Tesla Model 3 OLEV Approval

Tesla Model 3 and Andersen EV

If you're a lucky owner (or future owner) of a Tesla model 3, the Andersen EV products are a great match with Tesla products. Here are the answers to your burning questions! Are Andersen EV products compatible with the Tesla model 3? Yes, all our products are compatible with the Tesla cars. The model 3...
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David Simpson We won't let Brexit run our growth plans - BusinessCloud

We won’t let Brexit ruin our growth plans

Just in case you haven’t read enough about Brexit... I was recently interviewed by Business Cloud on my thoughts about smart charging, the future of EV chargers and how Brexit will affect Andersen EV's national and global plans. Here's the first section below. You can read the full article here. Entrepreneur says smart electric vehicle...
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Do EV Cars Pollute more than petrol

Do EV cars pollute more than petrol cars?

In this article, I will debunk the myth that EV cars pollute more than petrol cars. It's unfortunate but I had this conversation many times which make me think that there are misinformation and ignorance out there. The longtail pipe argument Fortunately, this argument is starting to lose ground. The basis of this argument is...
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Supercharger vs Home Charger

Like a lot of Tesla users, I'm in a situation where I could have the choice between using a supercharger and using a home charger. Superchargers charge at 90kw and home chargers at 7kw, superchargers should be a no-brainer?! Not so fast. Supercharging is faster When I use a Tesla supercharger, I'm amazed by how...
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