Tesla Model 3 and Andersen EV

If you’re a lucky owner (or future owner) of a Tesla model 3, the Andersen EV products are a great match with Tesla products. Here are the answers to your burning questions!

Are Andersen EV products compatible with the Tesla model 3?

Yes, all our products are compatible with the Tesla cars. The model 3 uses a type 2 connector for home charging. Our Andersen A2 tethered unit comes with a type 2 connector by default.

OLEV eligibility

If you have ordered a Tesla model 3, you may be wondering if it is approved by OLEV for the home charging.

The model 3 is now on the OLEV eligible vehicles list so if you meet the OLEV criteria, you’ll be entitled for a £500 discount.



Tesla Model 3 OLEV Approval

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