Jerome Faissat

Jerome is the boss of Andersen’s day-to-day managerial and service delivery. With extensive experience of retail system development and property and financial services, Jerome has an eye for quality and control. When he’s not mapping the future, he loves to talk to customers, drink French wine or speak Mandarin. He even finds time to walk his two dogs in the evenings.

Tesla Model 3 OLEV Approval

Tesla Model 3 and Andersen EV

If you're a lucky owner (or future owner) of a Tesla model 3, the Andersen EV products are a great match with Tesla products. Here are the answers to your burning questions! Are Andersen EV products compatible with the Tesla model 3? Yes, all our products are compatible with the Tesla cars. The model 3...
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Do EV Cars Pollute more than petrol

Do EV cars pollute more than petrol cars?

In this article, I will debunk the myth that EV cars pollute more than petrol cars. It's unfortunate but I had this conversation many times which make me think that there are misinformation and ignorance out there. The longtail pipe argument Fortunately, this argument is starting to lose ground. The basis of this argument is...
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Supercharger vs Home Charger

Like a lot of Tesla users, I'm in a situation where I could have the choice between using a supercharger and using a home charger. Superchargers charge at 90kw and home chargers at 7kw, superchargers should be a no-brainer?! Not so fast. Supercharging is faster When I use a Tesla supercharger, I'm amazed by how...
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The Andersen EV Team

The great crowdfunding experience

What a month of September it has been. As some of you may have heard, we have successfully crowdfunded our seed round with an incredible overfunding amount of £734k. It was really busy and tiring but, now we're on the other side, we feel extremely happy and pumped up! To crowdfund or not to crowdfund? I...
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Paul Willcox - Non-Executive Director at Andersen EV

Paul Willcox joins us as Non-Executive Director.

We’re excited to announce the appointment of Paul Willcox as a Non-Executive Director with immediate effect. Paul Willcox was Chairman of Nissan Europe up until his recent departure in March 2018 and worked at Nissan for 26 years. During his career at Nissan, Paul served as the head of the automaker’s UK and led European...
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Driving a Tesla Model X through france

Driving a Tesla through France

This summer I experienced the true sense of e-mobility. What I thought might be a challenge was already well thought through by Tesla. It was an incredible feeling to drive purely on electricity for 750 miles and an experience which I hope will be common to everyone in the near future. Range Anxiety: On When...
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Volvo vs Tesla

Tesla is not only about cars

Buying a new family car is an exciting journey which involves spending a lot of time and money finding "the one". The experience is strikingly different from one brand to the other, tipping the balance on which car you end up buying. Which car to buy? When my wife and I decided that we needed...
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5 hurdles slowing EV adoption

As electric cars are appearing everywhere and we're definitely heading towards an all-electric transportation, the adoption could be much faster. Why? lack of knowledge, market inertia and education. Charging infrastructure Yes there are public charging stations. yes more people have a charging station at home. But yet it's not enough. It will be enough when...
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We’re a Design Week Awards Finalist

Design Week Awards Finalist We are so chuffed to have been shortlisted in this year’s Design Week Awards. We are a finalist in the Product Design Consumer category along with the likes the Apple watch 3 series and Netgear’s cute rabbit baby camera. Winners will be announced in two weeks time at a swanky dinner....
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Do I need a home charging point for my electric car?

The short answer is "Yes". A home charging station for your electric car is just too convenient. it's also safer, faster and cost-effective on the medium to long term. Convenience The number one reason why you should have your home charging station. It's in the name: it's at home! It's your own charging station, you...
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