David Simpson

A hands-on design engineer, David is responsible for driving the latest design, engineering and software developments. His experience ranges from hi-fi product design to the programme management of complex financial service software. When he’s not talking about firmware updates, tooling or road maps you’ll see him running in Hampstead Heath or ferrying his kids to school on his electric bicycle.

A2 testing at Applus+ IDIADA

It’s been nearly a year since the tech team started development of the Kønnect 2.0 platform. And the last few months at Andersen have been crazy busy. We’ve just completed a 2 day intensive compatibility test program with a major global car manufacturer at Applus+ IDIADA. A2 gets tested at IDIADA IDIADA is an amazingly...
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David Simpson We won't let Brexit run our growth plans - BusinessCloud

We won’t let Brexit ruin our growth plans

Just in case you haven’t read enough about Brexit... I was recently interviewed by Business Cloud on my thoughts about smart charging, the future of EV chargers and how Brexit will affect Andersen EV's national and global plans. Here's the first section below. You can read the full article here. Entrepreneur says smart electric vehicle...
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Tesla the industry disruptor

Tesla’s race to bring electric cars to the masses - with all its closely-observed delays, setbacks, and milestones - is the triumph of a disruptor. California-based Tesla is famous for driving innovation in the electric car sector. A disruptor brand that shot into the limelight in 2008 with a high-performance electric sports car. It set...
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Power Struggle – Wireless Charging

In the charging zone, wireless might be the buzzword but plugging-in is the smarter choice. Wireless charging is currently being vaunted across the media as the holy grail of electric vehicle (EV) adoption. I have my reservations, though. Yes, at first glance, it is a fuss-free technology that is capable of charging an electric car...
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Andersen Smart Charger

The Journey Has Started

Back in June 2017, my team (Ian, Yang, Fotis, Paul, Ivor & Laurence) started working on the Andersen smart charging solution. We researched, we played with Raspberry Pi’s, we built breadboard prototypes, we wrote code, all in the quest to find a strong and secure foundation to build the Andersen charging future. To see the...
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PEDAL POWER: Look out! Electric bikes

Electric bikes are boosting the future of cycling culture on our streets. Cruising into work, enjoying the ride through central London. I arrive crisp and fresh, cool and calm. I am still peddling. There is a healthy element of blood coursing through my veins however I don’t break a sweat. The motor navigates me through...
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Driving Force: Why EV is big in 2020

What do you drive? An electric car? A BMW 3 Series iPerformance Saloon perhaps? Or a Nissan Leaf; Audi A3 E-Tronmor; or a Prius? Increasingly, the answer is something electric and that is particularly true in the company cars sector. According to government and auto industry campaign Go Ultra Low, more than 70% of EV registrations are made to...
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Are you being served?

Do I love the brand or the customer service? In the context of airlines with surly cabin crew, train companies that refuse compensation claims. Utility giants that bump you onto rip-off tariffs. Retailers with robotic staff. Customer service can often seem like the forgotten priority. It’s a strange state of affairs for a business skill...
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POWER TRIP: Changing Perceptions of the Electric Car

My perception of electric vehicles has changed greatly over the years. From quirky to cool. It has been a transformational journey. The Quirky Battery Powered Vehicle. In the early noughties, a quirky battery-powered vehicle – officially speaking, a quadricycle - launched onto UK streets. Made by Indian car company Reva. The car was toy-like small,...
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Visiting The Home Of Sir Alex Moulton

I was fortunate enough to have an unplanned visit to a company founded by the English Engineering legend Sir Alex Moulton. Following my wife’s chance meeting with the current owner of Moulton Bicycles John at the lovely Wooley Grange hotel in Bradford. Our family (including my two kids!) were invited to visit the Moulton Bicycles...
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